high [hī]
[ME heigh, hei, hie < OE heah, akin to Ger hoch, Goth hauhs < IE * keuk- < base * keu-, to curve, arch > Sans kakúd-, peak, Russ kúča, heap]
1. of more than normal height; lofty; tall: not used of persons
2. extending upward a (specified) distance
3. situated far above the ground or some other level
4. reaching to or done from a height [a high jump, a high dive]
a) above other persons or things in rank, position, strength, etc.; most important or powerful
b) above other persons or things in quality, character, etc.; superior; exalted; excellent
6. grave; very serious [high treason]
7. greatly advanced or developed; complex: usually in the comparative degree [higher mathematics, the higher vertebrates]
8. main; principal; chief [a high priest]
9. greater in size, amount, degree, power, intensity, etc. than usual [high prices, high voltage, a high profile]
10. advanced to its acme or fullness; fully reached [high noon]
11. expensive; costly
12. luxurious and extravagant [high living]
13. haughty; overbearing
14. designating or producing tones made by relatively fast vibrations; acute in pitch; sharp; shrill
15. slightly tainted; having a strong smell: said of meat, esp. game
16. extremely formal or rigid in matters of ceremony, doctrine, etc.
17. excited; elated [high spirits]
18. far from the equator [a high latitude ]
19. designating or of that gear ratio of a motor vehicle transmission which produces the highest speed and the lowest torque
20. Slang
a) drunk; intoxicated
b) under the influence of a drug
21. Phonet. articulated with the tongue held in a relatively elevated position in the mouth: said of certain vowels, as (ē) in feet
1. in a high manner
2. in, at, to, or toward a high degree, level, place, position, etc.
1. a high degree, level, place, position, etc.
2. an area of high barometric pressure
3. that gear of a motor vehicle, etc. producing the greatest speed and the lowest torque
4. Slang a condition of euphoria induced as by drugs
high and dry
1. out of the reach of the water
2. alone and helpless; stranded
high and low
high and mighty
Informal arrogant; haughty
high on
Informal enthusiastic about; very interested in or impressed by
☆ high, wide, and handsome
Informal in a carefree, confident manner
on high
1. up in space; high above
2. in heaven

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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